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Taking care of yourself goes beyond just your health. How we look after the inside is important, but we also need to take care of the exterior. From head to toe, beauty has always been important for men and women around the world. That is why we are excited to introduce our SIMPLY product range! The Simply range of hand, body and hair treatments are formulated with the best, rich and nourishing ingredients to give you soft hands, bouncy and healthy hair and skin that radiates good health.

What To Do With Our Hair?

The sebaceous oil glands in our scalp naturally moisturise our hair with sebum. However, this natural moisturiser isn’t always enough. Oil glands can become underactive thanks to genetics and as we age. Different hair types and lengths can prevent sebum from reaching hair strands affecting moisture and then there is over washing or styling, yes you guessed it, causes dry hair!

The Simply Hair Conditioner Wild Orchid is a creamy hair conditioner formulated to improve the richness, feel and appearance of your hair. This conditioner helps manage the condition thanks to the anti-static ingredients. It helps control frizz, perfect for those of us with wild curls and it increases moisture. Additionally, the Hair Conditioner works to reduce tangling, leaving your hair soft and silky.

With three great aromas Vanilla Bean, Wild Berry and White Lily, the Simply Hair Conditioner range will leave you feeling and smelling great.

The Body Lotion

Body lotion is an inexpensive way to keep our bodies glowing and feeling fresh. Using body lotion after a bath helps seal moisture into our skin preventing dryness, they also help soothe rough skin around elbows, heels and other dry areas. For those who spend all day on their feet or with their hands in water, lotion is a key ingredient to supporting hands and feet!

Our Solution

The Simply All-Over Body Wash and Shampoo is an effective luxurious hair and body treatment. This colour free and paraben-free product works by keeping skin soft, clean and rejuvenated. Simply All-Over works just as effectively on hair giving it a natural shine and bounce. Its gentle formula is made from rich, nourishing ingredients and is suitable for all skin and hair types.

The Simply All-Over Body Wash and Shampoo comes in three fragrances; Sweet Citrus, Rose and Vanilla.

That’s not all!

Our Simply range also includes a hand wash which is perfect for sensitive hands. A hand sanitiser, which works hand in hand with hand washes and soap or plain water, or can be used as a plain hand rub. These products are particularly useful for food service areas and hygiene sensitive areas. The range also includes a bottle holder for convenience, which can be wall mounted.

Symbio Direct, are at the forefront of healthcare, manufacturing high quality products. Buy your Simply range today!

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