Keeping It Clean: Choosing The Right Products

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Cleaning is always a priority no matter where you are. To prevent and avoid dirt, grime and other materials from building up in workplaces, high-quality cleaning products and services are a must!

Today, health and safety mean more than we ever imagined, which is why we need to keep business environments as free from harmful contaminants as possible and protect staff and customers. One of the best ways to ensure a hygienic environment is by using commercial-grade cleaning services and products.

Our clients believe that the only way to guarantee performance is by investing in quality products. As a business owner or manager, you want your customers to feel comfortable and safe; if your premises, equipment and employees present a clean, hygienic appearance, your customers will feel confident in your business and will want to return.

The Right Chemical For The Job

Being in the commercial industry you work with a variety of equipment and therefore need access to the cleaning products with the right formulation to get rid of germs before they spread. Take the REDICLEAN: Medical & Dental Surface & Equipment Cleaning Solution, for instance. This powerful cleaning product can be used on metal, plastic, vinyl as well as on surfaces prone to organic substances like blood, proteins, fats and lipids. Rediclean comes with its own applicator and is ready to use, so no mixing required.

Putting A Halt On Illnesses

Keeping your commercial or medical facility clean is essential. Using commercial cleaning products such as our CLINIDET: Medical & Dental Instrument & Equipment Detergent will help maintain a healthy environment, especially useful when working in such a close and personal environment. Not only is it great for cleaning equipment, but it can also be used for cleaning furniture, toilet floors, surfaces, and more.

Professional Cleaning Services Are Economical

Cost-effectiveness is important for any business, it doesn’t mean you’re going to compromise on quality cleaning products and services though. Opt for buying bulk disinfectants and other commercial supplies as an economical option. Check out our range of disinfectants here.

Cleaner work environments aren’t only good for your employees but for your business as a whole. By using quality cleaning products, like the CLINICOL: Hospital Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant or our VIBACTUM: Clinical Detergent Hospital Grade Disinfectant, you’re guaranteed compliance with work health and safety, and your staff and patients will thank you for maintaining a safe environment.

Making sure you train your staff on how to use the products is essential. Mixing the correct measurements and using the right methods to clean. Disinfectants attract dirt (it’s how they work) so it is important to use the correct amount of cleaner with the right amount of elbow grease and regular changing of cloths and accessories.  Quality Medical Innovations is a strategic partner in healthcare. We aim to achieve product excellence and prioritise our clients’ needs. Speak to us today!

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