Quality v Generic Detergent

Quality v Generic Detergent?

If you are confused about what products to use to clean your business, relax as the team at SYMBIO Direct have you covered! With shelves filled with a range of different detergents, the choice can become overwhelming. Should you choose quality or generic? 

How do quality detergents different from generic ones? 

They both clean, so they must be the same? Unfortunately, not. Quality detergents are powerful cleaners that offer disinfection and sterilisation, when used correctly. 

Cleaning is the removal of soil and contaminants from surfaces, whereas disinfection relates to the inactivation of pathogens. The cleaning process is about maintaining an area free from dirt, food, faeces, blood, saliva, and other body secretions, removing foreign material from areas, and reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses. No two cleaning products are the same. Quality detergents are designed to handle high traffic commercial areas. They are cost effective when diluted correctly and extremely powerful. 

Cleaning agents come in many forms but generally are liquids, powders, sprays, or granules. Detergent solutions and the material used to wipe surfaces have been known to become contaminated with bacteria if not changed frequently which results in the cleaning process spreading germs around the environment instead of removing them.  

It is important to stick to the directions for use. Using too much of a product can cause germs to spread. Cleaning solutions are designed to attract dirt to kill germs. Overuse will attract more germs making the surface tacky.

There are a wide range of cleaning disinfectants available. One of SYMBIO’s most effective disinfectants is AGRO An Alkaline heavy duty cleaner and degreaser designed to clean heavily soiled surfaces. Unfragranced it is ideal for use on floors, benchtops, rangehoods, food equipment and other hard surfaces. 

Cleaning isn’t just about the product used. Assess who is responsible for cleaning. Ensure that they are competent in cleaning, disinfection, and sterilisation by providing instruction, information and training as appropriate.  

It’s important to remember over 80% of customers leave a venue when it doesn’t meet their hygiene standards. Keep your business clean with a more thorough, high standard and industrial method of deep cleaning, designed to work around the busy functions of a commercial business. 

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