The Best Methods For Cleaning And Sanitising Medical Floors

cleaning and sanitising medical floors

Hospitals are only as safe as the measures put in place to ensure they are hygienic. It’s no secret that cleaning and sanitising medical floors fall victim to contaminants daily; when airborne bacteria, shoe traffic, trolley and wheelchairs, and spilled urine, pus, sputum, and other fluids.

Several methods can be used to clean and disinfect hospital floors, and we’re going to look into them:

Effective Disinfectants

Healthcare settings, like hospitals, dentists, day surgeries and clinics require hospital-grade disinfectants to adequately disinfectants to properly cleaning and sanitising medical floors. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates these hospital-grade cleaners to ensure antibacterial properties are apparent. Products such as Vibactum Clinical Detergent Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Clinicol hospital Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant are great for floor cleaning and sanitising surfaces.  

Use The Right Tools

Along with the right hospital-grade disinfectants, you must use the right cleaning material and equipment. Sure brooms are common for sweeping, and they’ll always be used. However, they are not the most effective cleaning techniques for hospital floors – particles can easily be spread into the air and transferred in other hospital areas. 

Different machines can be used to clean and sanitise medical floors; however, the best ones will have scrubbing, washing, and drying functions. These types of machines can thoroughly clean healthcare centre floors with just one pass. You may have seen some of these in many hospitals across Australia, they also have a dual-direction cleaning feature, for quick and easy cleaning.

With that being said, what’s the use of having a powerful machine, tools and equipment that are also susceptible to germs and bacteria? Using the Rediclean Medical and Dental Surface and Equipment Cleaning Solution can maximise cleanliness and keep operators of these machines as clean and safe as the floors they clean.

Hospital floors aren’t the biggest spreaders of germs. However, they also need appropriate cleaning regularly.

Quality Medical Innovations (QMI) in partnership with SYMBIO Australia is dedicated to manufacturing quality cleaning and sanitising products to help the medical sector meet hygienic requirements. We aim to prioritise healthcare workers’ safety, along with patients who require medical attention at each hospital they attend.

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