A Unique Way To Clean And Sanitise

With second waves of the pandemic creeping in, cleaning our homes has never been more important!

During quarantine, we’re spending more of our time indoors, which means hygiene needs to be prioritised. The issue here is that not many people confuse cleaning with sanitising. While cleaning involves sweeping and mopping to remove dust and dirt, sanitising your home is about killing germs and bacteria.

Using the right products like those we have is the first step to ensuring your life in a clean, sanitised environment.

Tips To Sanitise Your House

Everything You Need To Sanitise Your Home

There are different commercial disinfectants and materials to sanitise different surfaces. Alcohol-based and phenyl-based all-purpose cleaners are especially great for disinfecting floors, windows, and hard surfaces. Using a triple-action cleaner and sanitiser like the Alcon Clean Alcohol Based Cleaner-Disinfectant is a great way to a home free of bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae, and have it smelling clean and fresh. 

Take Precautions

Before you get to disinfecting and cleaning your house, you must take these precautions:

· Wear protective gear like gloves and a mask while cleaning

· As you begin, make sure to keep doors and windows open to avoid inhaling any cleaning products odour.

· Avoid mixing bleach with alcohol-based cleaners, but if you do, keep them from getting in contact with your bare hands.

Sanitising The Kitchen

The Alco DIS Alcohol-Quat-based Hard Surface Sanitizer is ideal for cleaning and sanitising “no-rinse” surfaces in the kitchen. Just a spray or wipe onto surfaces and allowing surfaces to dry is the best method of using this product. You can use this commercial disinfectant for your cabinets, sinks, platforms as well as metal and wood surfaces. 

For utensils and other surfaces that come into contact with food, the Protect Reload Ready to Use Non-Rinse Sanitizer works perfectly. This is primarily because it is fragrance-free and will not contaminate preparation areas.

At Symbio Direct, we’re dedicated to providing home, and property owners total hygienic solutions. With our range of alcohol-based cleaners and disinfectants to sanitisers your property, we can keep ourselves and loved ones safe and healthy. Get in touch with us today!

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