CliniJet WS

Aspiration Suction Line Cleaner & Sanitiser (Weekly)

CliniJet Weekly should be used each day as part of the routine cleaning of aspiration lines to remove the bio-burden from the lumen of the
drainage lines. Clinijet cleans and sanitises your dental lines protecting your equipment, staff, patients and environment. It meets all the required AN / NZ and EU Standards.

Important to Know:
Highly effective sanitizer and descaler helps remove soils that are resistant to other detergents. Incorporates unique de-foaming
surfactants that ensure penetration of bio􀀀lm and contaminating soils.

Mildly acidic descaling agents based on natural Lactic acid and Citric acid are incorporated for their excellent compatibility with metal,
plastic and rubber components.

Very economical; 1L makes 20 L of wash solution.

Available Sizes :   1L   

CliniJet WD Accessories

Symbio The Manufacturer Of CliniJet WS

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