Medical & Dental Instrument & Equipment Detergent​

Clinidet is a powerful cleaner, perfect for medical and dental instruments and for
effective cleaning of all clinical environments (equipment, furniture, floors etc).

Advantages of Clinidet:

  • Excellent detergency with rapid wetting.
  • A major safety feature enabling the operator to view sharps being cleaned.
  • Very low foaming under dynamic conditions. Protect delicate and high-quality instruments.
  • Corrosion inhibitor incorporated into the solution.
  • Greatly improves the solubilisation of blood, proteins & fats.
  • Helps suspend soil in solution & prevent redeposition of soil
  • Highly Buffered with multi-functional sequestrates.
  • Excellent performance in hard water.
  • Safe to use, store & transport.
Available Sizes :   5L  |  15L 

Clinidet Accessories

Symbio The Manufacturer Of Clinidet

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